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Commercial Fonts

Free Commercial Fonts

That’s correct you read it correctly free commercial fonts are available you just need to know where to look. So where should you be looking?

Let’s start with Font Bundles

Check out their free current downloads of fonts that can be used commercially. There are currently over 90 free fonts on the page. Many of which I have downloaded for my own design projects.


Font Bundles offers a free commercial font every Monday to download free. Grab the fonts free while you can before they are taken off the free list.

Now let’s go over to the Hungry Peg

They have a Share Deal for you, so what’s a Share Deal? Basically, you pay with a share to receive 25 free fonts from 15 different families worth $104.00 simply share it with your friends to unlock the bundle deal.


Don’t stop there once you’ve downloaded your bundle go to the top right corner and click on their menu, then check out their freebie for Wednesday.


Every Wednesday Hungry Peg gives a freebie. As of this post, the freebie is an Awesome cool font Mistroling


Fonts That Rock With Creativity

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