Create Your Own Design

Create Your Own Custom T-Shirt

Our Artistry For Jesus  Shop enables you to be creative with designs. By clicking on Create in our shop you can create your own custom designs.

  • Pick your product
  • Select a design or upload your own: use the search bar to find your topic, if you only want free designs to make sure the circle is white or should you want to use an *Artistry For Jesus design from our shop move the circle over until it changes to black. *There is a fee to use our designs.
  • Place your design in the location of your choice, front, back, right or left.
  • Want to add some text: click on T (for text) select your font, select your text color. You can add text in any of the locations, if you want your design on the front and then if you want the text in another location you can do that.
  • Select your quantity
  • Then just purchase your creative design.

    Create Your Own Design

That’s it! Go ahead give it a try and create your own designs.

Add your design to all our products: T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Zip Hoodies & Jackets, Plus Sizes, Big & Tall,  Sportswear, Polo Shirts and Workwear. Tote & Cinch Bags, Mugs, and Drinkware, Aprons, Phone & Tablet Cases, Mouse Pads, Pillow #Cases, iPhone & Samsung# Cases.

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